Helping Those Who Need Help Most

The combination of our game-changing distributed data capture, donation tracking platform, consumer device interface and human behavioral economic model creates a holistic ecosystem to drive real transformation in countries that need it most.
Kinect is committed to advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Kinect Ecosystem addresses a number of targets detailed under SDG #3: Good Health and Well-being.

A reward system that drives desired behavior in patients and medical staff to improve health outcomes and assist with patient adherence.

Electronic Health Record capturing medical treatment and outcomes, accessible on the cloud, providing the Big Data required for medical research.

An app that provides private and institutional donors with real data on the results of their donation.

Electronic Health Records (EHR)

The building block of today's health care revolution is the individual Electronic Health Record (EHR) created at the point of patient treatment. The Kinect EHR interface is designed to securely store, update and share a total view of patient health status while aggregating an enhanced, big data picture that pharmaceutical, insurance and health-related industries demand.

Built On Blockchain 3.0

All three Kinect elements and the KCT tokens use the Unify Earth Blockchain 3.0, their intelligent wallet and Exchange. Unify is the world's only fully-scalable platform delivering bank-level security, HTML 5 wallet customization and built-in capacity for AI-powered machine-learning.

The KCT Token

Kinect Token (KCT) is a new digital cryptocurrency dedicated to accelerating global healthcare delivery and health investment. It has been designed to catalyze major behavioral change in preventative health and disease management.

The Future of Health Care

By engaging and incentivizing stakeholders, Kinect is using data and tokens to cause a paradigm shift in people and community centered care and health systems financing (HSF). The Kinect Token value is ultimately based upon the well-being of its users.

The Challenge

90% of all Malaria cases, and 91% of all Malaria deaths, are in Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa suffered nearly 70% of all new AIDS infections and 70% of all AIDS deaths in 2011.

More than 50% of deaths are preventable and due to disease, such as pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea.

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Road Map

2016 FY

  • Kinect is established
  • Prototype cloud based Electronic Health Record (EHR) developed
  • Discussions with donor organisations

2017 FY

  • In country demonstration Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cameroon, DRC
  • In-field testing in Cameroon
  • Production design and blockchain technology results

2018 Q1

  • Open Sydney office
  • Business development plan
  • Evaluation of Blockchain platform for Kinect
  • Industry & blockchain experts and advisors onboard
  • Whitepaper developed
  • Kinect intro video developed

2018 Q2

  • Open London office
  • Seed funding
  • Attendance & address at London Blockchain Expo
  • Blockchain design
  • Proof of Concept build completed
  • Website built
  • Attendance & address at Amsterdam Blockchain Expo
  • Start meetings with Exchanges

2018 Q3

  • Testing of POC in HIC clinic in India
  • Attendance & address at Crypto Investment Summit in Sydney
  • Marketing partner hired
  • Present to World Bank in Geneva
  • Pre TGE announcement
  • Community Management shortlist

2018 Q4

  • Update website
  • Update Whitepaper for TGE
  • Social media plan
  • Hire Community Management partner
  • Start Social Media awareness campaign
  • Development of KinectHuman
  • Commence development of KinectNow
  • Pre TGE
  • TGE launch
  • Exchange listing, Bahamas
  • CTO hired
  • India Pilot of KinectHuman launched

2019 Q1

  • Kinect wallet launched
  • Open office in Africa
  • Start development of KinectAid
  • First 3 full implementations of KinectHuman and KinectNow starting (TBC: Tanzania, Sudan, Cameroon)
  • Launch first Kinect sponsored charity aligned projects
  • Build out London Head Office
  • Investigate Patent options
  • Supply chain compliance and logistics functionality
  • Start scanning over 1 million patient records into KinectHuman platform


  • Launch KinectAid
  • Next 4 African implementations of KinectHuman and KinectNow
  • Open India office


  • KinectHuman and KinectNow to 5 additional countries
  • Launch additional Kinect sponsored charity aligned projects

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