Meet Our Team

Toby Carroll, Founder & Executive Chairman
Guy Newing, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Chas Dabhia, Founder & Global Head, Partnerships/Business Development
Sal Shah, Global Head, Healthcare
Anil Panda, Chief Technology Officer
Brendon Jones, Chief Operating Officer
Damoy Robertson, Head of Marketing
Leo Lee, Kinect Asia
Mbi Tbetando, African Government Operations Chief
Ankur Maheshwari, TechRacers, Blockchain Developer
Omar Al-Sobky, Blockchain and Business Advisor
Dr. Adrian Cohen, Chief Medical Advisor


Dr. Desiree Cox, MD, PhD
John King Burns
Mark Timney
Kenneth Peter Judge
Nitin Melwani
AJ Bertenshaw
Ross Ramsay
Thomas A. Neyarapally
Dr. Christopher John Cleverly
Annette A. Anthony
Jon Karas, President of Akoin
Jon Evans, CEO of Hawthorn
Fabio Pannuti
John Brownlee, Patent Attorney, J. Brownlee & Associates, Inc.