Electronic Health Records (EHR)

The building block of today's health care revolution is the individual Electronic Health Record (EHR) created at the point of patient treatment. The Kinect EHR interface is designed to securely store, update and share a total view of patient health status while aggregating an enhanced, big data picture that pharmaceutical, insurance and health-related industries demand.

Built On Blockchain 3.0

All three Kinect elements and the KCT tokens use the Unify Earth Blockchain 3.0, their intelligent wallet and Exchange. Unify is the world's only fully-scalable platform delivering bank-level security, HTML 5 wallet customization and built-in capacity for AI-powered machine-learning.

The KCT Token

Kinect Token (KCT) is a new digital cryptocurrency dedicated to accelerating global healthcare delivery and health investment. It has been designed to catalyze major behavioral change in preventative health and disease management.

The Future of Health Care

By engaging and incentivizing stakeholders, Kinect is using data and tokens to cause a paradigm shift in people and community centered care and health systems financing (HSF). The Kinect Token value is ultimately based upon the well-being of its users.