Re-energising the performance and financing of the global healthcare landscape.


An integral part of the technology platform behind Kinect is the blockchain technology that solves storage, security and accountability issues.

Guy Newing

Chief Executive Officer

The Kinect token-based economy will drive improvements in health systems and lift the efficacy and transparency of some of the $US400bn (+) donated each year to countries in need, providing a much needed solution.

Toby Carroll

Executive Chairman

Due to the sensitive requirements of healthcare, using a distributed ledger to support a decentralised, safe and trusted ecosystem will result in greater security, efficiencies, and improved risk management – in turn driving a better provider experience.

Omar Al-Sobky

ICO advisor

Having worked with electronic health management systems as a solution to deal with many of the challenges faced by all stakeholders in the healthcare value chain, I’m extremely proud to be a part of Kinect, which in my opinion is a ground-breaking healthcare system that will provide the most apt solutions for most optimal disease management pathway

Mbi Tbetando

African Government Operations Chief

I am honored to be part of the Kinect Advisory team. Having spent 25 years in global healthcare companies, I have seen much change, and tremendous advancements in healthcare. However, we must continue to strive to do more, especially in countries where healthcare systems are not as advanced. The opportunity of blockchain technology, may allow us to leapfrog the advancement of basic delivery systems to places and people who need them most. The opportunity exists and we must seize the opportunity!

Mark Timney

Transformational Global Health Care Executive | Strategic CEO & President