Re-energising the performance and financing of the global healthcare landscape.


Welcome Kinect — a new organisation that will redefine healthcare systems in low income countries, while providing a new financial and technology ecosystem that will benefit stakeholders, administrators and most importantly the end healthcare user.

For the past three years our team of experts have been working with governments across Africa and international donor organisations to understand their challenges and deliver healthcare solutions. The major barrier is addressing the issues of ongoing costs of delivery, accountability of funding distribution and securing reliable electronic health records.

Infectious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis and malaria are a treatable but major cause of death in Africa, with life expectancies some of the lowest in the world. Many challenges limit the donor organisations’ confidence to invest. Often countries that are most in need of support suffer from reduced support as a consequence.




For the last three years we have been working with governments across Africa and international donor organisations to understand their challenges and deliver healthcare solutions.

The Field

The major barrier is addressing the issue of the ongoing costs of delivering, accountability of funding and securing electronic health records.

Our Proposal

We believe there is a smart, simple and effective way to implement a new system for healthcare data and funds transfer that will bring change and benefit stakeholders.

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Widespread Disease

Infectious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis and malaria are a treatable but major cause of death in Africa with life expectancies some of the lowest in the world.

Limited Data

Pharmaceutical companies and other organisations have poorly recorded data to inform their marketing approaches in Africa.

Lack of Information

Poor patient compliance (sticking to treatment) leads to treatment failure and drug resistance. This is a major issue for HIV and TB communicable diseases.

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A reward system that drives desired behaviour in patients and medical staff to improve health outcomes and assist with patient adherence.

An app that provides private and institutional donors with real data on the results of their donation.

Electronic Health Record capturing medical treatment and outcomes, accessible on the cloud, providing the ‘Big Dataʼ required for medical research.


Kinect will change the landscape of healthcare delivery and funding in emerging markets. The Kinect token-based economy will drive improvements in health outcomes and lift the efficacy and transparency of the $US400bn (+) donated each year to countries in need.

All funds can be channelled through the Kinect platform in tokens, enhancing security and transparency.

Every patient visit is captured electronically building a valuable database of medical information that is purchased (with tokens) by large multinational corporations. This drives demand for tokens and enables the medical record system to be provided at NO COST to end users.


An integral part of the technology platform behind Kinect is the blockchain technology that solves storage, security and accountability issues.

Guy Newing

Chief Executive Officer

The Kinect token-based economy will drive improvements in health systems and lift the efficacy and transparency of some of the $US400bn (+) donated each year to countries in need, providing a much needed solution.

Toby Carroll

Executive Chairman

Due to the sensitive requirements of healthcare, using a distributed ledger to support a decentralised, safe and trusted ecosystem will result in greater security, efficiencies, and improved risk management – in turn driving a better provider experience.

Omar Al-Sobky

ICO advisor

Having worked with electronic health management systems as a solution to deal with many of the challenges faced by all stakeholders in the healthcare value chain, I’m extremely proud to be a part of Kinect, which in my opinion is a ground-breaking healthcare system that will provide the most apt solutions for most optimal disease management pathway

Mbi Tbetando

African Government Operations Chief

I am honored to be part of the Kinect Advisory team. Having spent 25 years in global healthcare companies, I have seen much change, and tremendous advancements in healthcare. However, we must continue to strive to do more, especially in countries where healthcare systems are not as advanced. The opportunity of blockchain technology, may allow us to leapfrog the advancement of basic delivery systems to places and people who need them most. The opportunity exists and we must seize the opportunity!

Mark Timney

Transformational Global Health Care Executive | Strategic CEO & President


Toby Carroll
Executive Chairman

Last three years working with cloud-based EHRs across Africa, 20 years experience working in global Investment banking and private equity industries at organisations such as Morgan Stanley, HSBC and Macquarie Bank and Private Equity industries, focusing on Emerging Markets.

Guy Newing
Chief Executive Officer

30 years healthcare experience with multinational pharma companies in Australia and Asia largest ambulatory testing organisation for Sleep Apnea.

Dr Adrian Cohen
Chief Medical Advisor

30 years+ experience in the healthcare industry as a physician and business developer, pioneer of Health IT management solutions including Paramedix, MedicalOnline, SkinChex.

Gaston Guernik
Head of UX/UI

Gaston Guernik is a UX/UI expert with broad experience in app design, product design, service design and brand strategy. Highly passionate about UX excellence, he has a strong belief in designing applications for the human experience and adopts a “end user first” mindset to every project he has been a part of. Throughout his 15 years of experience in the creative industry, he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Audi, Commonwealth Bank, NSW Government, Schweppes, BMW, Heineken, NSW Rails, etc.

Mbi Tabetando
African Government Operations Chief

Spent the last three years working with Kinect building political relationships in Cameroon, using a cloud-based EHR HEXCEL platform. Has worked in medical analysis and diagnostics for almost a decade. Prior to that, was a Senior Executive at EurOil/Bowleven and JPMorgan.

Anna Jobsz
Head of Communications

Sixteen years PR, online marketing and communications experience across a range of clients, from digital start-ups, to boutique brands, to larger scale established businesses. Established expert ensuring stakeholders interests are aligned.

Omar Al-Sobky
Blockchain and Business Advisor

Omar has been in the crypto world since 2010 and served as a consultant and investor on many fronts in the world of cryptographic assets.
He specialises in business model development, blockchain integration and PR strategies. Omar worked as an Advisor for Consultancy ICO, where he worked on a range of projects such as Pecunia and did assessments on Asura and many other coins. He is the main blockchain and business advisor for Kinect and World Entertainment Chain.
Omar has over 10 years in the Film and Television and promotional/event management industry and is currently running his own business , BitontheSide Promotions, that merges both industries into one.


John King Burns

Mr. Burns serves as Chief Executive Officer and President of NeurSciences LLC, a privately company specializing in artificial intelligence. Mr. Burns has extensive experience in the global resource sector. He serves as an independent director for China Gold International Resources Corp. as Chair and Lead Director of Jaxon Mining Corp. and as an independent director and Chair of the Audit Committee of Simba Essel Energy Inc. Mr. Burns also serves as an advisor to Potomac Asset Management in Frederick, Maryland. Additionally, Mr. Burns serves on the board or as an advisor to other privately held exploration and production, software, process technology and fund management companies in the natural resources, energy and technology industries.

Mark Timney

Mr. Mark Timney is a global health care leader, CEO and President serving the biotech and pharmaceuticals industries, with 20+ years of sales/marketing experience, and a record of financial growth and success in designing and executing strategies to achieve market leadership. He has deep expertise in launching key products, leading transformational business development, leading and managing change.

Kenneth Peter Judge

Ken Judge OAM ( Order of Australia Medal) works from Monaco with a private investment group where he uses his experience as a corporate lawyer specialising in cross - border mergers and acquisitions, corporate reconstruction and public company/capital markets finance. Mr Judge has broad experience of corporate financial restructurings and mergers and acquisition transactions especially with respect to technology, resource and energy companies. Many of the companies with Mr Judge has been involved operate in emerging and less developed markets including a number of countries across south-east Asia, north and eastern Africa and most of South America. Mr Judge has had an extensive involvement in the Capital Markets of the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Peru and Brazil.

Nitin Melwani

Entrepreneur with 20+ year experience in emerging markets. Currently runs a Management Consultancy in Dubai and is an enthusiastic early crypto investor. Nitin has been involved with blockchain technology companies for last 2 years and is an angel investor to many of the early startups.

Craig lynch

Craig is a highly experienced IT development/solutions manager and enterprise architect. He has delivered solutions across a range of business and technical domains within Australia, the Asia Pacific region and at global levels, with 29 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

Ross Ramsay

Ross is a commercial adviser with 25 years plus experience working at a senior level for international businesses including 17 years as a corporate and commercial partner with one of the world's largest law firms




Kinect is established

Prototype cloud based Electronic Health Record (EHR) developed.

Discussions with donor organisations



In country demonstrations - Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, Cameroon, DRC.

In-field testing in Cameroon.

Production design and blockchain technology research.



Open Sydney office.
Business development plan.
Marketing and social media teams formed.
Evaluation of blockchain platform for Kinect.
Industry & blockchain experts and advisors onboard.
Whitepaper developed.
Kinect ‘intro video’ developed.
Attendance & address at London Blockchain Expo (April 2018).



Open London Office.
Seed funding.
Blockchain design and implementation.
‘Proof of Concept’ build completed.
Website built. Pre ICO announcement.
Partner with Social media and marketing company Captiv8.
Attendance & address at Amsterdam Blockchain Expo (06/2018). Meetings with exchanges



Testing of POC in HIV clinic in India.
Partner with Community Managers and Marketing Company, AmaZix.
Pre ICO. Attendance & address at Crypto Investment Summit in Sydney.
Kinect wallet launch. Kick off social media awareness campaign.
Present to World Bank In Geneva



Exchange listing Malta, Singapore, Bahamas
ICO launch.
Test net launch.
Open Office in Africa.
Development of KinectHuman (EHR from our cloud-based HR).
Start scanning over 1 million patient records.
in KinectHUMAN database



Development and Launch of KinectAID app/web interface.

Launch charity boost $7 million donation campaign.

Launch minimum 4 Kinect sponsored charity aligned projects.


Launch Kinect HUMAN and NOW in 4 countries in Africa.

Open an office in India.

Main net launch for token swap


Expand Kinect Human and Now to 5 additional countries

Launch minimum 10 additional Kinect sponsored charity projects